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The benefits of choosing MaxReturns bitcoin investment platform is very clear, there are good reasons why our clients choose us just like the air they breath, when you see this you might want to choose us

  • Up to 1000% compounding interest
  • Unique weekly payout
  • Add or withdraw funds at any time
  • Insurance backed investment
  • $100 minimum deposit, & LowFees
  • Increase productivity and investment earnings

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About MaxReturns


MaxReturns & How We Work

MaxReturns is a group of highly skilled crypto traders, with combined trading experience of over 12 years. We will help setup a detailed trading plan for each of your investments including researching profitable cryptos, buy/sell orders, and trading channels.

MaxReturns is a brand under Maxgroup Incognito, a leading bitcoin investment company providing investors the ability to instantly and seamlessly invest and earn bitcoin using the best bitcoin investment strategies (MaxRT method).

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MaxReturns Pillars


Here are the fundamentals of MaxReturns

These are the fundamentals MaxReturns Trading method is built upon.

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We only invest in what we know and understand

We understand that trading with fear is one of the worst emotion you can carry as a bitcoin trader. So we invest in cryptocurrency projects that we know and understand. This has helped us to make successful trades over and over.

MaxReturn don’t get greedy

Greed is stopping human evolution. To be a successful bitcoin investment site, we work towards discarding any negative emotions of greed.

Here in MaxReturn we don’t FOMO.

Trading into FOMO is a combination of being greedy and investing blindly. The reality though is this: if a coin pumps quickly, it will dump just as quick and will violently amount to loss of fund. So we don’t FOMO but instead, we are willing to learn and patiently grow our investors bitcoin investment portfolio.

We learn from our mistakes

Learning from our mistakes has helped us to make successful trades and decisions for our investors. By learning from our mistakes, we take necessary corrections to ensure that they never happen again.

Volatility is our friend

Cryptocurrencies are known to have crazy violent volatility. Our team knows when to close, re-evaluate, and when we are ahead and in profit.This is achieved mostly because we set a profit target for each trade.

We keep a trading journal

The primary objective of keeping a trading journal is to enable us monitor both the performance of our bitcoin trading system as well as our ability to execute successful trades on a consistent basis.

We pay attention to bitcoin.

Almost all altcoins are paired closely to bitcoin because bitcoin is arguably the largest cryptocurrency.Therefore, if the price of bitcoin pumps, altcoin prices will almost always drop.On the same hand, if bitcoin price dump, altcoins will also drastically follow suit and ridiculously dump.

Paying attention to bitcoin has helped us make smart successful trades and huge profits. As longs as Bitcoin is still “the king of crypto” drastic movement will always equal drastic results.

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Historical Performance of Underlying Trading Strategy

Delivering Outperformance in the Evolving and Fast-Moving Cryptocurrency Markets Using our unique MaxRT method we have been able to outperform BTC that saw 260.22% ROI while the MaxRT strategy leaped up by 710.55% ROI in 2020. DNTBTC is one of the top-performing coins in our MaxRT portfolio for the month of February 2021.


Our Automated Trading Service


We work for our Investors

MaxReturns also run an automated Bitcoin invest service operating with no human intervention, aside from regular server maintenance. Take full advantage of our powerful and high frequency investment platform. Our automated system gathers information from the blockchain transfers and cryptocurrency exchanges to study and predict the bitcoin price, our servers open and close thousands of transactions per minute, analyzing the price difference and transaction fees, and use that information to generate profit.

  • Up to 200% ROI on all executed contracts
  • Instructments like Bitcoin or Ethreum
  • 99% Success in every 10 executed contracts





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MaxReturns Investment Plans

MaxRT 1

  • Minimum Deposit - $100
  • Maximum Deposit - $1000
  • ROI % - 100%
  • ROI Payout - Daily Returns
  • Referral % - 5.4%
  • Broker Support - 24/7

MaxRT 2

  • Minimum Deposit - $1500
  • Maximum Deposit - $5000
  • ROI % - 150%
  • ROI Payout - Daily Returns
  • Referral % - 10.4%
  • Broker Support - 24/7

MaxReturns Mega

MaxRT 3

  • Minimum Deposit - $10000
  • Maximum Deposit - $40000
  • ROI % - 1000%
  • ROI Payout - Weekly Returns
  • Referral % - 20.4%
  • Broker Support - 24/7

MaxRT 4

  • Minimum Deposit - $50000
  • Maximum Deposit - $100000
  • ROI % - 1000%
  • ROI Payout - Weekly Returns
  • Referral % - 50.4%
  • Broker Support - 24/7



MaxReturn Road Map

MaxReturns has been a leader in the bitcoininvestment space since 2018 through our investment product,which provides investors the ability to invest and earn bitcoin interest.

  1. (December 2017) Pre-seed Investment - $125,000.00 MaxReturns was launch officially to handle investments and returns to clients

  2. (January 2019) Launched Trading Group (MaxRT) MaxReturns formed MaxRT Incognito, an independent team solely focused on contributing to the bitcoin and blockchain open-source network for the benefit of all.

  3. (March 2019) MaxReturn Mining Launched MaxReturn started investment in Mining, MaxRT Mining service was luanched to increase profits

  4. (June 2019) MaxReturns Started Weekly Payout MaxReturns upgraded from monthly to weekly payout, The happiness of our clients is the most important thing to MaxReturns

  5. (July2019) MaxReturns 24/7 Live Support Launched There was a great need for us to launch a 24/7 live support solution to attend to our clients around the globe for easy operatrions

  6. (September 2019) MaxReturns Increased Payout Percentage MaxReturns increased her payout on all plan levels by 13%, ensuring we meet up our promise, making our clients happy

  7. (March 2020) MaxReturns Opens Trading Center in Hong Kong MaxReturns Launched a trading center in Hong Kong to increase profit margin

  8. (December 2020) MaxReturns Gave Free Bitcoin MaxReturns gave out a total of $1,426,879 bitcoin worth to our most consistent clients around the globe to celebrate the new year and to look forward in more relationship between them

  9. (June 2021) MaxReturns To Launch MaxRT Coin MaxReturns is happy to announce one of our greatest project in 2021 which will be to launch our very own coin MaxRT Coin

  10. ( September 2021) MaxReturns ICO Starts MaxReturns will officially launch MaxRT coin ICO

  11. (December 2021) MaxReturns To Launch Blockchain OS MaxReturns will launch our blockchain Based Laptop MaxRT. The blockchain-based laptop would operate via Voice Over Blockchain Protocol, (VOBP), or through Voice Over Blockchain, (VOB), Smart Phone.

High Depositors


MaxReturns High Depositors List

Here are list of MaxReturns high depositors within the month

Wang Kerry

April 02, 2021 - $12,150 (10:33 CET)

Aamir Muhammad

April 02 2021 – $143,700 (11:30 CET)

Abdul Mayor

April 05, 2021 – $67,000 (08:54 CET)

Juan Chen

April 07, 2021 – $117,000 (07:35 CET)

Mike George

Feb 18, 2021 – $60,00 (05:19 CET)

Amina Asifa

April 09, 2021 – $66,900 (01:11 CET)

MaxReturns Stats

  • Failed $1,322,485
  • Successful $54,710,984
  • Withdrawals
  • Withdrawals

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MaxReturns Reviews



Read reviews from happy investors who have been with MaxReturns for a while

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Lara Billy

General Counsel

The withdrawal process of MaxReturns was very easy and clients friendly, awesome fast withdrawal within 30 minutes


Martin Brennan

PR Consultant

Have been earning with MaxReturns for over 4 months, have invested over $100k in funds and I have not ever had an issue! .


Edvard Prescott

Legal Counsel - Europe

MaxReturns is the best, I can’t explain how much gratitude. ROI Rates are COOL, I love you guys! Thanks for the service.



Commonly asked questions

  • What is Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, it is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries.

  • Where are you located?

    We are located in the United States.

  • What is this company about?

    MaxReturns is a bitcoin investment platform that uses bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading to generate profit for our clients.

  • Can you explain if I invest $100 what happens?

    For 1 week plan, an investment of $100 will earn you 100% that is $20 profit. You will be paid an interest of $120 after 1 week.

  • How much are your minimum and maximum investment plan?

    The minimum investment amount for all plans is $100, and the maximum investment amount is $100,000 for all 4 investment plans. Any deposit amount below or above the minimum or maximum amount is not accepted, your funds will be refunded.

  • Can bitcoin make someone wealthy?

    Yes, an investment in bitcoin can make you very wealthy, this is why MaxReturns is here for you. You have two options: HODL or trade. By Holding bitcoin basically if you had bought about 1,000 Bitcoins back when they were cheap in 2011. This would have cost you around $10,000, making you a millionaire today, but as the price keep rising the chances of making bitcoin by just buying and holding drops. So Join MaxReturns now and start earning

  • How it works?

    Sign up, Make Deposit, Choose Your Plan and Invest. Create and verify your account, send your bitcoin to the bitcoin address on the deposit page. Once the deposit is confirmed, choose your preferred investment or trade plan.

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